AV Simplified

The start of 2014 saw a monumental change in the AV industry.  The developing digital solutions of the last five years are now today’s standards.  Advanced Access Content System rules eliminates analogue outputs on electronic devices.  These rules require that manufacturers cease selling any devices capable of analogue video output after 2013.  As well the Digital Millennium Copyright Act criminalizes the act of converting an HDCP encrypted digital output to analogue.

Simplify Audio Visual for your business

Basically this signals the sunset of anologue signaling and the emergence of a long awaited digital platform.  Life made easier.

Prior to the move toward an integrated IP driven digital solution, audio visual analogue systems consisted of various standalone devices for each application requirement (presentations, training video, speakerphones) with labour intensive complex connectivity and controllers.

With the advent of digital audio visual it enables us to incorporate all of a client’s meeting room needs into a cohesive integrated system. Incorporating high definition digital audio, video, data and voice via the I.T network to provide video conferencing, presentations, e-training and collaborative meetings.

Air Media simplifies your presentations and communication

Reflective of this is a statement from InfoComm 2014.

“IP based AV applications are forcing the move into the I.T. space, therefore moving the budget and control into I.T. by extension it is also moving into the IT systems Integrator field of expertise and away from the traditional audio visual supplier.”

The PCC Group focus for this new digital audio visual discipline remains strictly within the plug and play arena. Our expertise in the I.T. world enables us to provide clients with fully integrated solutions to their collaborative and presentation facilities. 

Designing, with our clients, collaborative workspaces for both presentation and visual communication for:

Meeting and Boardrooms 

Conference Facilities

Multipurpose and/or Training Rooms

Reception, cafeteria and public spaces.

Disaster Recovery and Emergency Control Rooms



PCC Group are authorised dealers for products chosen to fit within our mandate to provide total solutions that encompass flexibility and simplicity to meet the clients end vision and goals. 

Working in partnership with our clients from initial assessment of needs to design, installation, documentation and post project support.  It is important to us to clearly understand client goals and strategy for their business in order to design and build a solution that matches the vision.

Air Media simplifies your presentations and communication

Benefits to using the PCC approach:

  • PCC remain client focused and will always evaluate a design on the client objectives remaining vendor independent
  • PCC remove the black arts associated with AV by developing standards with the client to produce drag and drop/plug and play solutions
  • We produce CAD based design drawings to identify the full scope and connectivity for the collaboration or presentation room
  • As I.T. infrastructure specialists PCC incorporate all elements of the I.T. and AV scope of works providing “one throat to choke”
  • Seamless continuity of service removing the demarcation between disciplines
  • Incorporation of wireless to eliminate traditional point to point AV cables and associated coring or desk management.