P&P Pre-Terminated Cabling

clientuploads/cabling-1.jpgCompanies are trending toward flexibility and a greater emphasis on open workspace. This is demonstrated by investment in modular walls and furniture systems.  The missing link to complete a truly reconfigurable space has been the services to the desk. We fill that gap while creating an asset for the business.

With a ‘plug and play’ pre-terminated, pre-tested cabling solution, PCC Group complete the modular picture for your building and/or office data cabling.

RapidNet is an innovative, standards compliant, fully patented, pre-terminated, pre-tested and pre-labelled 'plug and play' cabling system which does not require on-site termination. Designed around a unique cassette system, RapidNet dramatically reduces installation time by as much as 85% with no compromise to system quality and reliability. Topograph.png


Additional benefits of a Plug and Play cabling solution include:

  •  Reduced project management requirement and overhead costs due to less time on site 
  • 100% reusable product for a truly sustainable solution.  The installed product can be reconfigured rather than cut out and provide new.
  •   Reduced costs of ownership for moves, adds and changes. The modular components can be quickly reworked saving time and money.
  •   As a factory built and tested solution the potential for product failure is eliminated
  •    All product meets industry standards for category cabling but is simply assembled to create a smarter solution.
  •   Flexibility in the created infrastructure is equally achievable for new buildings, renovations and restacks.
  •  Refresh of existing workspace can be achieved with reduced down time or business disruption.
  •   100% reusable product means zero wastage in manufacture and vastly reduced packing materials on site.