Sound Masking

Sound Masking CalgaryWith the increasing need to protect individual and corporate privacy the necessity for companies to safeguard sensitive information is growing rapidly. Securing confidentiality and protecting the airborne information flow effects a wide range of industries including corporate, medical, financial, legal and government facilities.

Interior design concepts potentially offer a mix of open plan offices and cubicles, glass meeting rooms, public collaboration spaces and demountable walls all generating and carrying noise.  Increased use of technology such as cell phones, voice activated programs all add to the increase in distracting noise pollution. 

PCC Group offers the Spectra iNet plug and play sound masking system.  This solution is a fully digital networked system tailored to fit each client’s needs from 2,000 to 2 Million square feet.  

Sound Masking Calgary

The solution to the problem is to install a sound-masking or speech privacy system distributing background sound at a level set to mask speech and render it unintelligible, providing a comfortable acoustic environment for employees while protecting client privacy.

Sound Masking Calgary Sound Masking Calgary

Benefits of opting for the networked sound-masking solution includes:

  • Increased privacy by masking and reducing the distance that conversations are intelligible from typically 25ft down to 12ft.
  • Creating an ambient environment allowing users to maintain concentration while working
  • Meets ASTM standards and HIPAA/GLBA mandates.
  • Virtually limitless zoning capabilities to allow for varying sound level requirements for areas being masked i.e. open plan versus closed offices.
  • The advancement of sound masking solutions to a digital platform allow for zero maintenance to the system.
  • As a plug and play solution the iNet Sound masking is fully modular allowing for ease of expansion.
  • All modules within the system are 100% reusable and therefore capable of relocation.
  • Web-based real time centralized control and monitoring  – password protected onsite or remotely
  • Optional control through Crestron, AMX or via iPad app
  • Integrates into the Mass Notification Emergency Communication (MNEC) options

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